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From the pages of the August 2013 edition of

After 10 years as the world’s hottest man, the world’s hottest man of the moment will find peace in a hospital. And he won’t be taking the ladies for granted. Not at all. There, between his massive manly man-meat, two men who are the opposite of what most Americans think are men will find love — a woman is a good thing, after all. The guy is Will. He is tall. Strong. Long. A bit geeky. And the only person who does not want him to fuck her is a guy named Rick. But Rick is not going to let Will get away from him — or with Rick. Because Will is not exactly an ordinary man at first. He’s been the talk of the town. So Rick does not allow Will to get a job, because why hire a guy like him who doesn’t get a date? But, when Will does get his first real dating profile, he becomes a hit. He gets a job, he gets some friends, and then he falls in love with a woman, an actress who just moved in. So Will gets fired, the girlfriend leaves, and soon he finds himself back on the dating scene with a new woman. Only this time he is making love to her. What a fucking difference ten years can make. (And yes, that is a photo to prove it)

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has thrown six touchdown passes and two interceptions in three career games when Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Sean Davis did not come inside the 10-yard line, per Mike Rodak of ESPN.

The Steelers are 3-2 after beating the Jaguars this weekend, and the team is 1-10 when Dalton throws for at least 300 yards. They’ve scored just seven points (2.6 average) passing in those games. Dalton’s only pass attempt from outside the 10-yard line this season has gone for nine yards.

The Bengals have struggled to convert third-down plays when Dalton throws outside the 10-yard line.

Over the Bengals’ last two games, their conversion rates on third downs have hovered between 33 and 37 percent, which is a good chunk better than the NFL average (38.5 percent). Dalton has been particularly effective when throwing outside the 10-yard limit in last week’s win over Jacksonville, completing 20-of-33 passes for 234 yards and one touchdown in a game that featured three touchdown passes. The second-most

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