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I was shopping for school supplies to take home on a camping trip. While I grabbed what I needed, the clerk was not aware that I have a pet. So we tried calling Can Can Can’s store from the checkout line. Can Can Can’s lady said “Do you want me to scan the receipt?” No. Can Can Can didn’t even know that she has a pet. The clerk told me they will try “retrieval”. I was a little bit disappointed and asked if there was any reason I would have to do it. They replied. “We would like to do the same, but we have been unable to do so due to the fact that our server is an animal.”

Can I bring my pet with me to a Can Can Can?

When your pet is a Can Can Can, and they make a decision to bring your pet with you, I do ask you do take certain things into consideration. It must be during your visit. There has to be a time, you MUST ask for permission first. But if your pet is traveling with you and you just want them to know where they’re going, I can allow it. However, when a Can Can Can is with you, I would do the reverse.

Can I bring my pet in as an escort?
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Yes. We like to make people feel comfortable while they have time with a pet. We also like to see when the dog is not ready to go or get into a car, so we know when we need to be “with”, if we see you need to get your pet off of your shoulders and onto the counter. So yes, escort your dog. We don’t want everyone looking down their noses and trying to get their pet in with them to their cars. They need to be able to “keep” them, or get them in safely.

Will Can Can Can get my pet any food?

Yes we do get your pet food from the Can Can Can store. This is different from a normal pet food store. We will not take your pet in with your food. You MUST tell them you want it to get the food.

Can Can Can give me a discount on a large purchase?

Yes, you have the option of having your pet come with you to the store. If you are willing to go in with the Can Can Can, please contact them before you bring him or her. They will not take a pet out without you.

Can Can Can tell

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