Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing Classes Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

September 29, 2020 0 Comments

I don’t have to be skinny to belly dance. The beauty of the dance is in the feet and in the heart and it’s not in the weight. There’s nothing wrong with being skinny (though it is good for you to know how to do well on the dance so it’s good for you), and the best part of having that body is that you can put yourself through endless pain and suffering just to build it until you are ready to take it out again. So, no need to be skinny to belly dance.

What other issues does body composition contribute to?

I’m sure you know a lot about heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and all the other chronic diseases that we see around us. There are so many more problems that are created due to diet and living habits we created through food.

Does your exercise fit with your program, and does it include exercise for people who are too preoccupied with their diet and fitness to follow your program?

I do. I’m teaching the Body Composition course. I want people to have fun with their exercise. I’ll put it on the table that I need to be flexible in the way that I want to teach because of this reason. I do include cardio for people who can’t get out of the car and out onto the dance floor. I want them to have some fun and they can make their own decision how much cardio to have. If they’re a bit nervous, we will help them to learn how to manage and reduce their stress and make it a pleasure to do. If they’re doing it really well, we’ll make them a freebie.

If I was able to teach this class and have many people join it, would you encourage them to start doing more exercise?

The more you exercise, the more flexibility you will have. I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to get out there. It’s not difficult or dangerous, it really is just a matter of having fun and being able to adjust. If you know you want to make some changes, we can teach those changes and make sure it builds on your strength and conditioning and cardio and flexibility. My advice would be to find someone to teach you. If you don’t have time then, call, email, or find a club or fitness center in your area. Just make sure you are open to trying new things. Don’t stop just because your fitness routine was a failure. Go out there! The more you exercise, the more flexible you

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