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What Are The Most Common Belly Dances?

A lot of belly dancing techniques are not necessarily considered belly dancing, but they are still quite a popular type of belly dancing. For example, belly dance is actually also known as the “Hip Dance” for the fact that it’s often used in the workout phase of training.

Belly dance is quite popular among women, with female belly dancers reaching the 2 billion person milestone in 2013!

Here are the top 10 belly dance dances that you need to know:
Essence of Bellydance - Free Online Belly Daning Classes

Belly dance is also quite popular among boys as well, with male belly dancers surpassing the 1 billion person mark in the year 2013!

The Most Common Belly Dance Patterns for Belly Dancing

There are many different, and unique, ways to do belly dance, but in this section we’ll be looking into the most common belly dances that are seen in this day and age.

Belly Dance Is Also Known As “The Exercise Dance”

Belly dancers are often referred to as “Workout Dancers” because of how much they can perform and the amount of exercises they partake during a belly dance performance.

This is because a lot of belly dancing techniques are also known as the “exercises”.

While these exercises are technically not belly dancing styles, many people refer to the dance performance as a part of a workout that may include stretching, weight lifting and jumping rope to get the desired result.

Belly Dance Can Be Used To Boost Your Chord

Belly dance can be used as a form of exercise or for exercise to gain lean muscle.

While you may not think this when doing it, this is very true and can be very beneficial.

Belly dancing is the perfect exercise for building a healthy body and being healthy, which will actually increase your strength.

If you do a ton of cardio, you can actually use this exercise for training, which will result in a ton of muscle and a better performance!

If you’re a fan of exercise and want to get stronger, this should be a great area for workout!

Belly Dancing Has Many Benefits

Belly dancing has many benefits and can be a great exercise for your body while boosting your fitness level.

Here are just 5 things that Belly

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