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The answer depends. The short answer might surprise you.

It gets worse. As the story goes, a professor had some dance classes and, upon finding out that dance routines were common among the students, asked what he should do with them. Well, he said, I’d like you to find at a local dance and pick out two dance routines of your choice. Then you would work out the two routines in a couple of days. For each session, you would go in one of the assigned areas while the other member of the class ran a short distance. You would only do three sessions of each choreography, giving the professor a set of two hours for a total of one hour and ten minutes of cardio and dance. And after one final workout, which was supposed to be six sets of the same choreography, you’d walk away from the class, feeling good.


I don’t think anyone got six sets of eight to the same choreography. A fellow instructor told me that the professor didn’t even need to give a set to him. For him, it was all he had to do. But he was also right: if you only work out what your body can do, that doesn’t mean your workout is a workout. It doesn’t make much difference if you’re doing yoga, aerobics, or some other form of exercise that’s great for stretching but terrible for your muscles and bones. And it sure as hell doesn’t matter if you’re walking or running. You’re on the treadmill, and that’s what your body is actually doing, at least if it’s been trained by dance.

A recent paper by researchers at the University of Connecticut called Exercise-Packing to Work Out, which I wrote about earlier this spring, suggests another explanation for this: The more you train, the more you’ll have to eat and drink to get through the workout. They also suggested that you should use snacks instead of foods that require chewing, the way most exercise kits do. Eating is key, to be sure. But chewing and swallowing are really tricky. I’ve heard both sides of the argument. Maybe the chewing takes too much time. Maybe the swallowing eats into the workout. I’m not a health and fitness expert, but I think you should eat only in moderation. And if you’re planning to wear a gym-specific vest and have your gym pass punched in so you can actually go, I definitely suggest having some snacks along for the ride.


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