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Jalal was just a young boy when he married a 16-year-old, but by the age of 18 he had become a prophet and made a name for himself on TV as an Islamic preacher, according to his testimony.

A Muslim youth in the Muslim neighborhood of Dharamshala, Jalal’s birthplace, told Al Jazeera that “if you were to walk in the street on a Sunday morning you could see men dancing on bicycles or cars while men did not even have shoes on”.

The Muslim youth, who had studied under Jalal’s father at Jalaluddin University, added: “You heard about these people, and now there are two Islamic schools with such stories. One is in Aligarh and the other is in Gulmarg. You go there in search of books and you come across the word Sharia in both books”.

“To them it is just a religious book. But to our educated people it’s a great thing and they believe in it.”

A religious scholar in Gulmarg – the capital of Punjab province, just north of the border with Pakistan – told Al Jazeera that “Sufism (Salafism) has a long and distinguished history, from the era of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the present. It is extremely rare to find a preacher in Islam who has not been educated in some way … It has been a challenge to learn all the doctrines that have been revealed from God.”

How does a Sharia court function?

In Pakistan, Sharia courts can be found in rural areas or urban centres depending on the religious affiliations of the accused. It is usually a private entity with a budget – not as large as a public court – with a majority of judges appointed by clerics.

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A Pakistani court can order a woman charged with adultery to remarry, even if the person she is accused of cheating on her husband has already married another woman.

If the husband and woman do not agree, then the court can impose either a fine or, in an extreme case, a criminal charge such as apostasy or adultery.

There has been a flurry of legal activity in the Pakistani courts this year.

Women’s rights activist Nazia Nazir, who has fought for women’s rights in the country, said: “Last year there were three major cases where women were charged with adultery, and there were two or three cases where a woman was tried and found guilty on the grounds that they had refused

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