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September 8, 2020 0 Comments

You bet.

Some of the world’s biggest companies are on board with this new trend. Nike and Apple have banned women’s Islamic religious outfits, while the British High Commission has announced that it will be removing all religious costumes from its premises by the end of January.

But it might take a little more than “be cool with it” to make it in. The Islamic dress code is not just about the “shameful act”(as some of these ads might suggest) of not wearing traditional Islamic garb. Rather, the requirement to wear the hijab makes it even more problematic to dance around a man with his hands on his hips for all the world to see.

Here’s how that looks:

The Islamic dress code is not only about the “shameful act”” as some of these ads might suggest, it’s much harsher when it comes to the dancing. “I think it is quite funny that people want to dance around a man’s genitals,” writes the Independent Women’s Network. “The most common mistake one sees women making is to pretend they cannot see him, as if he were a man.” The reason why is that it is impossible to see the penis through the hijab. However, dancing isn’t the problem — it is the hijab — the very structure of this practice that is.

The first time you see this “dance with honor” ad, you’ll remember how it looks. What you might not remember is why it makes you go, “Ugh, there goes my body in the photo again,” though that actually makes for great entertainment.

The truth is: Dancing around a man is a bit more complex than most people allow to believe. First and foremost, the Islamic dress code is about modesty, not “immodesty.” It would not be so bad if everyone could see your naked body without fear of consequences. But some bodies belong in public more than others, regardless of what your clothing is. And the Islamic dress code is designed to allow men to see what men find sexy and to stop men from viewing women from a distance.

As for what “shameful act” is meant by “dancing around a man’s penis,” it would be much more respectful for a wife to have sex with anyone who asks.

If “dancing around a man’s penis” is meant to demean, humiliate and degrade women, the way in which dancing around a man’s genitals would be so totally wrong. But that’s not what

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