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‘Sharia law does not allow dancing in a public place.’ – Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab (1805-1877)

It has also been reported in the UK that the ‘Khalifa’, the head of Muslim state, ‘wouldn’t allow people to dance in public places, nor should someone dance to rap music or to any other forms of music except the Muslim call to prayer.’ It also states that Islamic law ‘does not allow dancing in a public place’ in the United Kingdom, so people should not try to get off a plane dancing in a nightclub.

A popular TV soap called Dancing with the Stars was not allowed on the show’s set because their dancer was not dressed as a woman, according to the Channel 5.

One contestant, known only as Miss Yvonne, refused to dance because she believed doing so violated the ‘law of modesty’.

The episode was filmed in Birmingham and included dancers dressed in tight jeans and crop tops as a bikini model, which was later dubbed ‘The Fatso Diplo Show’.

The woman in the top dress was also apparently not allowed to wear a headscarf because she had ‘targets of her own’ which were ‘not appropriate for a TV crew’.

The programme’s producers defended the choice for the contestant saying the show is ‘completely not about modesty’.

It has since been suspended because of the incident in which the model was denied the chance to wear a hijab.

Another episode involving the presenter, Mel Giedroyc, aired in the UK with a hijab contestant who wore it on a reality television show in Germany

‘Sharia law does not allow dancing in a public place’: Sheikh Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab (1805-1877) was the founder of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and considered one of the leading figures in the Islamic revolution against the British.

The ruling is not restricted to dancing. Many Muslims wear hijabs to ensure they are not seen in public, even when they are not dancing or performing any other public act, and it has been reported that the headscarf is the only place where this is permitted.

In Islam, wearing the hijab is considered a symbol of oppression. It is widely worn by women in Islamic countries because they say that not being covered makes it easier to be seen in public and makes it easier to conceal their face.

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