Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Musically Belly Dancing

October 16, 2020 0 Comments

Sharia law is often misunderstood by westerners. As a first-person account by the British author, Paul Mason, shows, even Westerners think that some Islamic laws, especially those in the Shari’a which governs Islamic marriage and divorce, allow for the ‘expression’ of sexual desire. This is often used as a justification for sharia law.

Not so according to the Qur’an, which says to follow the teachings of Allah: “O Prophet! seek knowledge of Allah and the Last Day, that you may be successful” (9:1) “For those who believe and do righteous deeds, their reward is Gardens beneath their feet; and for those of them that do wrong, a painful torment is theirs” (9:30)!

The question is, whether this will continue in the 21st Century?

There is growing evidence that non-Muslim people can marry with no legal sanction, especially if they have no intention of converting to Islam. This seems to be the latest example of what is becoming known as “sharia-bashing”. The word is not found in the Koran, as Islamists claim, but the words “sharia-bashing” comes from a Dutch newspaper columnist, Alain de Benoist, in the late 1950s. De Benoist wanted to show that Islam and the British public were not one and the same as he claimed, and had been deliberately misunderstood by Westerners.

It became a fad that would end up in a court case. The case had a devastating effect on the Dutch society.

The case concerned the husband of one Moroccan and the wife of another. The Moroccan was in love with the American but the wife lived in the States and wanted to be with her husband if he became American. In a legal sense, the husband refused because, as most would think, the only thing that is allowed under Sharia is marriage. He wanted her to be with him in a non-Muslim country because he was a Muslim, and could not accept living in an “extremist” society where the wife could choose to wear a tight abaya or a burka (covering entirely the body) in order to marry men without her family approval.

This is called “honour” murder.

Her family and Dutch parliament wanted her husband to be forced to marry her, not because she was Muslim but because she would ruin the marriage by breaking up their family. The court ruled against the man and her family

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