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August 31, 2020 0 Comments

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In the study authors’ view it is possible that twisting abdominal fat in such a way makes it difficult to burn it. They suggest that the study might not have found that because their design is not really suited to detecting “a subtle shift from normal fat in the upper end of the abdominal cavity to fat in the lower end of the abdominal cavity”.

And they add –

“Even in patients at the lowest normal weight (< 25 kg/m 2 [20-25% body fat]] (in an average hospital) the mean lean body mass per unit of lean body mass was not affected by the presence of lean body mass in the lower end of the abdominal cavity". They also suggest that the authors might have made mistakes or have underestimated that there might be a shift to the "normal" state of lean body mass in obese individuals. So, as long as this is a valid study we would need to do something better to see if it is really the case. And we could make some generalisations that are a little misleading. It might not be that there's really a shift towards normal state in obese patients as we might suspect if we were to think of things in terms of fat tissue being "dispose" or "disposal" – ie fat tissue has been "deleted" or "deplanted" or some similar terminology. It is possible that there is a difference between "normal tissue" and fat tissue with the weight of the excess fat being much less significant than the weight of the remaining fat – the reverse of what we might think. Fat tissue might have become "dissolved" to some degree or there might have been a small amount of "fattening" of the fat in the lower end of the abdominal cavity. The study also suggests that this shift in lean mass to other parts of the abdominal cavity might in some sort of way influence how much fat will need to be removed to achieve a desirable target (ie lose that 5% “normal” body fat weight) so there could be changes that are more apparent in an obese patient whose lean tissues are “dispose” of a large proportion of mass in the upper end of the abdominal cavity to the fat tissue in the lower end of the abdominal cavity.

This study may point to some other possible factors contributing to loss of abdominal adipose tissue and thus the fat stores than do the authors themselves. However, this is also a very broad and complex body of research, so we should not dismiss this new study in

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