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Are all belly fat spots visible?
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When fat is burned, heat produces more heat than when fat is used up. Burning fat produces a large amount of heat but more heat per gram of fat than when used up. There are three main ways for fat to be used up. Fat can be broken down (cut off, drained, broken up) or it can be processed into long chains. Burning fat takes some time and is limited primarily by its heat capacity – how much energy is contained in it. When it is burned, heat is released, but if not burned efficiently, it does not create enough energy to heat the muscles that burn it. This is why burning fat is slow and less intense than burning other types of fat. (1-13) If you look at the fat distribution chart (see below), you’ll see that a lot of fat is close to the midline. This means that it doesn’t produce as much heat as the rest of the fat. The average volume of fat is approximately 40% fat by mass. The fat closest to midline (20%) is the largest and most fatty.

Why are belly fat spots visible when you’re wearing heavy, loose clothing?

A large amount of belly fat is stored throughout the torso including the middle and outer thighs. The lower third of the torso has more belly fat than the upper half. The fat in the lower half of the body is particularly susceptible to burn, so the fat in these areas is easily seen. This suggests that when worn loose, some belly fat can be seen. (1-13)

Why are belly fat spots on the arms visible in photos?

It may be that in certain photos of women, the fat on the arms is visible. It may also be that the fat on the arms is smaller in stature than the fat on the lower torso and may be thinner and lighter than the belly fat on the rest of the body. The fat that tends to be less noticeable is the fat that is on the underside of the arms. The thin, light, and delicate skin and muscles on the lower arms may make them appear to be fatter than the rest of the body. When this occurs, the fat on the upper chest and back is usually seen but it can be small enough. (1-13)

Why do the areas inside the belly button or behind the hips seem warmer than those in the middle?

Body areas around the stomach tend to warm more than those on the stomach itself because fat

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