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If you’re in the market for some dance fun, check out some of these online dance classes. You’ll learn a lot of things about dance in the process, and the more you practice, the better you’ll be for a lifetime.


Dance to the Beat | YouTube

Dance to the Beat | YouTube

Barefoot Dance with My Kids | YouTube

Dance with My Kids | YouTube

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The “Rising Heat” saga has reached an awkward and unexpected conclusion.

Belly Dancer Costume, Sexy Gypsy Dance Outfit | 3WISHES.COM
Following allegations that K.C. Reid, the CEO and president of C.H.A.N.Y., sexually harassed three women in her presence, CBS News has been informed that the organization, which is led by one woman, has fired the executive. Reid is no longer the executive chairman of the firm. The reason for the firing has not been made publicly available. However, sources with knowledge of the matter tell CBS News the firing is related to a complaint that Reid had made of domestic violence, in which she is said to have called the victim “crazy.” At the time it allegedly occurred, Reid was the CEO of A.S.C., the company which handles legal representation for the A.T.O.C., an organization the firm is responsible for. Reid, 44, had served in that role for nine years.

C.H.A.N.Y. was formed in 2002 as the first law firm in the U.S. to provide the services of a licensed public defender to the mentally ill, primarily incarcerated citizens who face a long prison term.

But following what is currently an ongoing sexual assault scandal involving a number of prominent NFL players including Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and former 49ers player Reggie McKenzie — in which the Raiders star linebacker allegedly groped a female staffer at a luxury hotel — the firm faced a crisis.

In December 2014, Reid was named the new president of C.H.A.N.Y. while retaining his role as chairman of the board, and the firm received $10 million from the NFL in exchange for its services as the league’s independent monitor for the handling of the sexual assault scandal. The NFL announced at the time that it would no longer provide any financial assistance to C.H.A.N.Y.

In May 2015, when the NFL’s independent monitor, Daniel M. Goodell

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