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The following are some resources to help you achieve a reduced belly and hip size:

Treating the abs

The majority of your belly and hip size is determined by your abs. The lower the percentage of body fat your abs have, the larger the area over which your belly and hip will sag. There are also many exercises that will help you to increase your muscle and bone formation in the lower region of your abdomen.

It was difficult to discover any specific exercises that specifically stimulate the abs but it seems that abdominal exercises work just as well as abdominal work and the abdominal muscles will have the same effect on your overall body building.

This infographic by can help you:

Increase your muscle and bone formation

Control your stomach

Decrease your belly size

Decrease hip size

Reduce abdominal fat

How to control the shape of your abdomen

Most abdominal exercises can be performed in an upright position. Sit in the reclining position with your legs on your feet and then bend them over and hold in front of you for 3 minutes. This will make you want to do it again.

It should be noted that performing the abdominal exercise in an upright position can make the abdominal muscles tense and give the sensation of soreness.

You should also consider that abdominal exercises are quite taxing on the energy system so if you want to increase the level of fat burning you are going to have to do the abdominal exercise in a relaxed position.

Filling the belly with food

Eating food while holding a belly should be approached with extreme caution. Food that enters the stomach during the abdominal exercise can cause the stomach muscles to tighten and may cause your tummy muscles to be tight!

For best results, you will most likely have to have food swallowed after the abdominal exercise. A quick way to perform this is to position the mouth of the bowl of food with your hand behind your ear or behind your knees and slowly lower your stomach towards your bottom in a circular motion. This will create a firm connection between the stomach and the back of the throat.

For most people, this will make food into a fluid state that can be quickly absorbed through the stomach.

The following is a video showing a simple form of abdominal exercise:

Exercises that can cause the stomach muscles to tighten

You can avoid these conditions if you know the proper posture during those exercises.

Anterior pelvic tilt. You should rest your back

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