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September 15, 2020 0 Comments

There are numerous dance dance books; here are a few of our favorites… DANCE BOOKS BY VITA DUNSTAN!

We recommend Dancing With the Stars: A Complete Guide to the Greatest Songbook Ever Written — in partnership with Dance Alliance.

You should really try to watch TV or see the videos in the Dancing With the Stars YouTube channel. It has over 3,000 dance videos (some of which I have watched), and is absolutely brilliant.

Here, from Dancing with the Stars, are some things that work very well:

Practice as many moves as you can in practice routines, then during class get in sync and practice with the partner you are practicing with.

Watch as many performances at as many locations as you can, especially the dancing with the stars (at the gym or at a school) — this will help you better understand techniques, as they will come easy in your routine.

Practice dance patterns against a partner, as this will help you to better control your practice, and help you learn how moves move.

Practice and practice and practice again until your routine is good.

This is a simple idea – practice dance routines in your own head. I’d recommend it for learning dance moves, and then you can come back to your partner and give your best show!

There are also great instructional dance videos on YouTube from a variety of different dance teachers like Dance Alliance:

“I was having trouble in my dance practice, so I called in a friend who was doing the same thing in the same place. That was the turning point I needed.” – Michelle Smith (Glee Season 6 cast)

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“I think that every dancer’s work should be recorded so anyone who does it can learn.” – Kim Basinger (Hairspray)

“All the best teachers deserve recognition on the dance floor for their quality choreography and beautiful moves.” – Kristin Mankad (Lilyhammer’s Dancing)

There is never any harm in having a partner in your routine. If your routine is not perfect, or even a little off, you’re not alone – that’s OK. If you think it will be challenging for your partner to learn some of the moves, or they are having an off night, that’s ok too:

Practice with a mirror or your partner

Take a partner dance and practice it

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