How do you dance for beginners? – Belly Dancer Painting

August 28, 2020 0 Comments

We love being able to provide a unique service to our clients! There is a large number of things to do with your feet! We have all sorts of dance classes you can try, such as:

Walking dance / Pecan ball



Dancing Cornette
Professional Belly Dance Costume from Egypt in Deep Purple ...

Samba / Dance Floor

Hip Hop


Piano Trio

Piano Trio with Pause, Piano Solo and Choral

Piano Trio with Cello and Choral

Piano Trio with Vocal Chorus / Choral Duo

Piano Trio with Choral, Piano and Vocal Chorus

There is a wide array of things to enjoy with dancing, from ballet to jazz to salsa to tango.

What do you mean “stiff”?

Yes, that is absolutely correct. We believe everyone can do dancing, and we do that by training you for a skill. We can help you become comfortable with the movements you already have, or teach you something new. We have a complete program for beginners to intermediate classes, and a variety of levels for higher skill levels.

How do we get started dancing?

Just stop by and see us. When we ask you questions we have been asked all the time, so we know you are interested in a full package of dance lessons with our talented faculty for all levels.

What do our clients like?

We have many different clients and we work with all types of styles.

What do our clients NOT like?

Stiffness is NOT everything!

The good news, you can become super flexible with dance! Our instructors will walk you through the motions for you while we teach you the correct steps. You will get exactly what you want with the best training system available in San Diego.

What will I learn?

All you need to do on a dance floor is get comfortable. We have many moves to look forward to, so please come visit us and join us for a lesson.

What if I can’t dance the way you teach?

We will teach you how to dance your favorite music! We do not believe in teaching your style to someone else. This process is not meant to be a choreographed dance routine, it is supposed to be a personalized dance for you at a very specific place. We have very specific movements for our

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