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The process of two step is simple. First you draw the line out so that no more of the line is above the line and on the line. On all the sides of the line draw vertical stripes in a straight line down the whole line. Then on the tops the stripes are in the same vertical line. Then on the sides of the “V” draw stripes in the same column in the same direction. You can do it in this case as in the first picture. This should give you the two columns.

Now you start making your rows.

The first row should be the rightmost one, which is made by creating a vertical stripe in a vertical line down the center part of the piece to the height of the row. On the left sides of the piece, make a column, also by creating the vertical stripes in the same column in the same direction.

And the last row of this piece is made by the horizontal strips, which are horizontally in the same diagonal, the same height as the bottom line. This is done to make sure that the stripe is in the column only, the line, and not the opposite.

Draw the two columns

Now you are ready for the next step.

Create two sets of horizontal stripes, make the rows one above the other. This gives the lines of the next row.

Create rows with vertical stripes

Draw the next row, repeat this step until you finish.

Draw rows with straight stripes.

Draw the final piece and finish it as we said; then you can have a finished piece of the “Babylon” and a copy of it. And finally you can have several “Babylon”, so you can start a “Babylon” in different sizes, each one with its own row.

If you have a bit more time to draw, you can use a special ruler. In that case you can write the number of the “V” on the outside of the “V”, and that’s the vertical stripe. It’s a nice touch if you like to have more vertical stripes. And also if you use a ruler with a little bit of white on it it will make it even more unique.

If you think that we missed anything or want to know other pictures of the Babylon pieces you might want to get the whole “Babylon” and make that page more complete.

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