How do you move your hips? – Shakira El Masri

August 27, 2020 0 Comments

What does it feel like? Is there any resistance or resistance to moving your hips?

Here are some exercises that I use for this, and more. Also, see the post I wrote on how to increase muscle tone.

This is just a couple of exercises, and I’m sure there are other ones that can be utilized in training, but this is a good start for beginner’s.

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A note on the exercises and the rep ranges I recommend…

I find it helpful to work on movement selection, which is really the most complex part of the program, but not everyone will be interested in that. So, for the most part, this approach will work for everyone. But I think if you do find that moving the legs and hip flexors are challenging, or that it is your only thing you do in your everyday gym routine, this approach may not be for you. This does not mean these exercises are not fun!

The exercises I use here include:

Leilah Belly Dancer
– Shoulder shrug with one leg

– Side plank

– Reverse hypers (side down body weight with your other leg)

– Pec Deck

– Seated push ups (if you’re on a trainer)

– Hanging leg raise, leg extension with two hands (if you’re on a machine)

– Leg raise, front raise with one back

– Leg drop, knee drop, knee squeeze, calf raise with one leg

– Step back with one foot in front of the other, back step with one leg

– Leg curl (if you’re on a trainer)

– Single leg raise, front raise with one back

– Standing cable row, cable raise with one arm

– One arm dumbbell row

– Plank with one leg out in front

– Squat with one foot elevated back

– Leg curl with one leg in front of the other (if you’re on a machine)


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