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September 12, 2020 0 Comments

We have some great tips on getting started with hip flexion below:

So let’s dig into some exercises and work our hips out!

How to Kneel Down in a Sitting Position

Start with a kneeling position on a firm bench. The Bench Press has a bit of a built-in pull down, so you can take that into your standing hip flexion. Start by working your body up, slowly, but with every step, press your hips up higher. You might struggle with your weight, but you’ll be able to get yourself into a more upright sitting position as the muscle memory builds.

How to Kneel Down in a Standing Position

This one gets pretty technical, but still requires just a few reps to get the ball of the femur (ankle bone) up out of the socket. Start with a standing position on a firm bench. As soon as you feel your hip flexed, bring the heel of your other leg down, but keep your calf in contact. When you feel your hip flexed, lower your knee to take the heel of the other leg down. As soon as the pelvis feels comfortable, raise your other knee to take the weight of that leg down. You might even have to press the heel of your leg down when you first get going!

How to Stand and Kneel Down

Try standing and kneeling as well, but remember, don’t push into the floor! You will need the hips to do this. If you just bend at the knees and keep your heels on the ground, you might end up taking a lot of time to get into a more upright standing position. Use the same exact stance and get comfortable. The best option when you start off on the floor is to bend over from the middle of the low leg so that the heel of your low leg is sitting a bit below your knee with the ball of your other foot against the floor and the ball of that foot directly below the thigh.

How to Kneel to Knee Spread

If you can’t straighten your arms and legs, then the only other option is to spread the knees out as high as you can. Try it with your elbows behind your head and let gravity do the rest. The goal is to be in a more upright kneeling position where you can straighten your arms and legs as easily as possible without going through the whole knee spread phase. This technique can also be used if you can’t get into a standing position

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