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November 9, 2020 0 Comments

Here, we’ll show you how to do it from inside!

If you have a big, smooth butt, you won’t be able to pop your hips and do a very powerful pirouette motion with hip counter rotation.

Let me show you how to do one basic motion with your hip counter rotation with a squat by jumping over a bar in the air.

You can see here the “hump” of the hips in the hip counter rotation motion. That hump will look a little too high for your first few attempts, but the point is to stabilize the hips and keep your hips very rigid in their “hump” position once it is over the bar. You’ll use that hump as a counterpoint to the vertical squat above for a more dynamic “hip counter” motion.

In order to really pop your hips and throw a pirouette like above, you want to stabilize the hip and “pop” the hips back before your body gets too far forward or up into a pirouette motion.

For us, those hips are our “arms” and they can be hard to get back right after you pop your hips.

In order to do that, you can think of the “arm-like” position of the arms as “bending” the hips during the pirouette motion to catch them back in the proper “hump” position prior to popping your hips.

With your arms out stretched out, your hips should feel “tippy” because the muscles (not your abs or hips) are extending them as the hip counter rotates.

Now, with your arm extended and your arms outstretched, you can move the arms and your hands back into the hip flexion position.

Now, when you first attempt to “pop your hips” with your hips, your “arms” will just move around and it will feel like your hip counter rotates. But, once you catch hold of those arms and your hip flexion is stabilized, your hips will become fully supported.

You will feel your hips sink and your arms and hands begin to move back towards the hips. In other words, you have now stabilized your hip counter rotations in order to keep your hips flexible and in their “arm-like” position.

There are various ways to stabilize the hips during pirouettes, but for squatting, one method that works well is with stability ball training that you can perform at home or at a gym with access to a

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