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If you have hips that are tight, you have a problem — and your hips should be tight, not a “weak” part of your body.

If you’re on the weak side of the hips, make sure that you aren’t doing anything to stretch your hip flexors. Just stretching will only make your hips and back more swollen and a tight hip flexor area will make you more prone to injury and pain.

So, what do you do?

1. Use stretch and compression.
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A simple stretching protocol to stretch your hips is described in How to Tighten the Hip Flexors.

Use compression to make your hips soft and comfortable by wrapping elastic bands around them at the sides. Alternatively, to use a straight elastic band around the hips, you could wrap small band around the knee.

Using compression for this reason is common for stretching hips. Here’s why your hips should be stretched for this protocol: If your hip flexor muscles are stiff, you have a problem and it will make you more prone to problems like back pain, back spasms and back problems that come from tightness of your joints.

2. Use progressive overload to overload your hip flexors for maximum results.

Using progressive overload on your hips to maximize muscle recruitment, strength and size is the best method for achieving great results.

If you can use a band around your leg or use a straight elastic band around your hips, use them!

If you use straight elastic band and a band around your leg, then your hip flexors will not feel tight or tired.

If you can’t use elastic bands, then bandage or place a gel on your leg to stimulate your glutes.

Or, add in a simple band (see picture) to your bag or backpack to stimulate your hip flexors.

Once I feel my hips were ready, it’s time to exercise my hip extensors. So, once you’ve had your hip flexor stretches for a while, start pushing that tightness off!

3. Rest for several days to help your hips loose some slack.

It takes awhile for your hips to warm up without exercise, so it’s important to rest and recover your hip flexors so that they get ready to go.

Your best time to do this is after you’ve been taking a regular walk for some time. Take a step and have some quiet time to allow your muscles to stretch and repair themselves.

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