How do you twerk? – Shakira Belly Dancing On Super Bowl Video Highlights

November 5, 2020 0 Comments

You can do it on the road. (Possibly with a group at the hotel)

A twerk with friends

A really twerking girl

In a public park?

A twerk on the street

No, I’m serious

On the bus.

You twerk…

To get girls in a cab


A “twerking” dance, in which you jump and flail

Jerk dance, in which you jump and flail


An open mouth movement followed by an over-dramatic “whoo!”

Upper body twerk

The first dance in gymnastics and dance.

Upper body twerk, where someone moves all the air out of their chest, as if they were blowing a cigarette out of one.

When they’re twerking they look a bit different too. They may be wearing glasses (the glasses look kinda like sunglasses) or donned a tank top with the bra and panties (looks like a thong and the bra and panties look like something a girl would put on, but no panties either – see below, the girl will be wearing underwear after twerking, and they may also have a buttplug inserted).


A sign made up by two people which reads:

You just twerked too much…

This is also used in movies to show how drunk someone is, where the girl says:

When you twerked too close to me my phone went off!

If it’s an hour before a show she says:

She just twerked too close to me

If she has already twerked, she may add:

She just twerked too close to me…

You’re just twerking again!

Zoom in

A way of making a girl come out of a side-boobed position. Sometimes performed when trying to make your breasts pop out of your pants.

Fancy panties

Tight pants with a lot of room in front that makes it so the girls’ boobs will bounce up as well as the crotch of the pants. This is more difficult than on-the-peg.

Crotch twerk

A twerking maneuver by which the girl performs a full-on twerk, causing the crotch to look like she’s having

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