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November 13, 2020 0 Comments

I can not say at this point in time as we are still in planning stages. We have found that it really is not necessary to have your Twerking moves recorded because of the short duration of the Twerking moves. That being said, if you want to go over and record a Twerking move you are welcome to share on social media!

How many Twerking moves do u want to record this year?

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100 Twerking Moves, 1 minute each. We are very open to suggestions and want this to be a great event for everyone!!

Do you sell tshirts?

No, we are not selling Twerking shirts this year. We will have several available for purchase at events this year and a few more on the festival website at

What are you throwing for the Festival?

This year, the main festival theme that we are throwing for is twerking with the band. This will be the first time we have thrown this theme for the festival and it is going to be the best yet! (Thanks, I think we are getting there, haha.)

When can I bring my own food?

It is best to have a little snack or lunch, and we have a lot of water and water bottles on hand. We will also have a few food trucks on site for your convenience!

When can I leave and how long will I be?

You can leave after 12:30 pm and come back as long as your stay there is reasonable. There is an outdoor parking lot at the festival located near the west entrance. Most of the time we try to close down parking on the street so it is easier for the festival to get going. You will want to be able to move quickly to get there as there can be a line of cars that will get to you pretty quick. There is no public transportation to the festival so it is important you make this easy on yourself and make sure to plan on it before the festival as a safety precaution.

Where can I park?

Parking at the festival is easy, but can get expensive. The parking lot off the street is right at the event. You will get a discount if you park a few blocks away from there. If you are taking private cars, the lot is available on a first come-first served basis. As for the street, they can only

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