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The question was posed in the video by a man who said he was ‘troubled’ by the way women are dressed in the US – while some are also seen performing body-baring.

The questioner said: ‘There’s a whole lot more nudity in the world (than in the US).
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‘But there are also a whole lot more ‘inclusive’ outfits.’

As some of the women in the video perform they are shown in their ‘sexy’ attire and not in the ‘sexy underwear’ worn by their counterparts.

In one clip, one of the dancers says: ‘It makes no sense to me to have a woman naked while she’s performing.

‘The reality is we’re all here to dance and we should all be able to have a little fun. If you’re going to tell me I can’t go to the bathroom then you’re just lying to me.’

‘Not in our clothes’: The questioner who posed the question was one of the men in the video and the idea he had was not shared with him beforehand and he doesn’t know where the video came from

He said there was no need for the women to ‘look like the other women’ and that those with different hairstyles could also go ahead in their ‘sexy outfits’

In another clip, the men are seen dancing on a beach. A man then asked, ‘Do you all see each other in the sea? You look different.’

The woman in question, played by a white, older woman in a short black dress, responds: ‘Yes. Is that how you get your tan?’

Another man asks: ‘Why aren’t you in shorts?’ The woman responds: ‘No, I have boobs.’

Others were in their ‘sexy underwear’ or simply bare legs.

In one video, women in their bikini tops were shown performing yoga moves, while some others were even seen doing yoga stretches as they wore nothing but leggings and shorts with the sleeves rolled up

One woman also showed off her ‘skinny’ legs in a number of videos filmed on the beach, while others were seen in their ‘sexy underwear’ or simply bare legs.

Some were also seen in their ‘sexy underwear’ or simply bare legs. In one clip, two women were shown dancing on the beach in a number of bikini tops with the sleeves rolled up. One was shown doing push ups on

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