Is hip hop a culture? – Belly Dance Silk Veils

November 19, 2020 0 Comments

We’re going back to the 90s and we’re going back to 50s for this one! This is not some hip hop culture from an era that is long past. This one is our hip hop culture and what it is and is not. We can see it from every angle, but we can’t see it from every place. This is just what hip hop does well on. This isn’t a “culture,” it’s one thing that is hip hop.

Is that the future of hip hop?

This song tells you all of the things that the future of hip hop may look like. This is the first time this is done on one album.

Did you have a favorite part of the song?

It was a combination of the way it started and the way it ended is the best way I can describe it. And the way some scenes played out. There’s a lot of things that happen in this track that didn’t happen on “Hip Hop 101.” “Black Flag” had that moment where it had a message of sorts about black people and it was just a little bit different than the type of sound that “Hip Hop 101” had. It had that sort of “I love y’all” kinda vibe, but it also had that kind of attitude that you see on some of these records. We had some more of that. We had a way of putting those messages and emotions in the music on this record that I’m really grateful for because we really had a chance to do that on “Hip Hop 101,” but we just didn’t have the chance to try something that was a little bit more experimental. So now we have two records like that coming out. “The Game Show” had the “Get Low” video, “Kool Keith” had the “Kool Keith Goes to Hollywood” music video, and “Hip Hop 101” had this crazy, crazy crazy thing we kind of created. The “Black Flag” album is also coming out. We’ve never really tried anything quite like that with “Hip Hop 101.” And that kind of thing is really fun. : Buy Professional Egyptian Bellydance ...

There’s a lot on this album about black people and dealing with racism. How did you come up with the idea to tackle that topic?

I don’t know that that’s a great way to think about it, man. I honestly don’t know. I’m not sure. It was a lot of things. When people talk about hip hop, we always hear

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