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As a sociologist, I find the term hip hop culture useful for explaining and understanding the cultural landscape of our society. The term is also appropriate when we talk about the development and the cultural characteristics of an American youth. Hip hop culture and the music associated with it has a wide range of meanings and values, which is why I’ve included several definitions for hip hop culture in this book. Hip hop culture can be viewed as a set of cultural qualities, norms, and attitudes. Because I have to use the terms in this essay, it is important for readers to understand the definitions used in the following passages to fully understand hip hop culture.

1. Hip hop culture is a way of socializing: A hip hop lifestyle involves a shared lifestyle, the ability to interact with friends, a shared sense of pride in and support for one’s self, confidence, love of music and dance, and acceptance of different lifestyles. Hip hop culture is characterized by a sense of belonging, acceptance, and empowerment.
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2. Hip hop culture is diverse and diverse culture: Hip hop culture is a heterogeneous form of culture, made up of multiple cultures, and cultures with a shared origin and influence. The concept of a heterogeneous culture refers to differences between cultures within a country/state, and does not include differences between cultures in which a person is born.

3. Hip hop culture is rooted in a diverse society : The American culture of hip hop culture is one made up of many races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, creeds, countries, people, and cultures. This diversity is part of American culture and is reflected when people choose to identify themselves with this culture and use and share the cultural characteristics of this culture. This diversity is reflected in the different communities that exist around hip hop culture.

4. Hip hop music is inextricably related to black culture: Hip hop is intrinsically tied to the black culture because it has deep roots in African American culture, a part of black life that goes back several generations. Hip hop music is often referred to as a black cultural phenomenon, but the cultural associations of black culture with hip hop music are deep and intertwined, so much so that hip hop music frequently references black culture in lyrics and is generally used to bring about cultural change.

5. Hip hop culture has an independent self-defined cultural vocabulary: Hip hop culture derives from a diverse cultural vocabulary that is not easily reducible to one culturally acceptable cultural category. This independent self-defined vocabulary allows a person

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