Is Waacking hip hop? – Belly Dancing Classes In Manchester Ct Tax

October 20, 2020 0 Comments

Yes. We are really focused on hip hop. We believe that it’s not appropriate for a child to listen to it so we have made our own music.

Have you seen hip hop in the media?

Not really. But we have taken our cues on hip hop from hip hop and other media on this site and some we have learned from other sites such as youtube and

Hip hop has taken its turn in movies recently. Are you looking into making their version?

We have a group of people who have worked on hip hop and that’s how we found out about this movie. They are going to do an album that is going to be out later on this year. They are hoping to make a hip hop themed game but we don’t know how it actually works yet. Some have said that it would be great to see more hip hop, but that is all we have heard from the press.

What can you show us now you are back?

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The main goal for now is getting the music and game done for all the kids that we can get. We have been able to get the music done and there are a few videos of the kids but they aren’t up on the home page yet. We are going to do videos on the game system as well to show everyone how it works and it looks really cool. Hopefully we can get this game out to everyone within the month.

What’s going on with the Kickstarter?

It started back in February and we have been working our butt off on it and now we have had three stretch goals that we have gotten over our initial goal. So now we are in the fourth stretch goal. We are going to get $35000 with this stretch goal. Now we are moving on into the fifth one. We are getting $40,000. In the seventh one we want to get $45,000. We have reached out to everyone that has pledged and we are going to put some good emails and letters in because these are the only good ones. I want to send a letter to every backer that has donated to a $30 or $40 reward that is currently out there, a big hug and thank you. You guys have made this happen! To go down for one more time and thank all of you!

You have a big community and you’re always trying to get your message out there. What makes your game better? Or what is the one thing that no one could say that

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