What does belly dance do for your body? – Belly Dancing Classes Minneapolis

September 30, 2020 0 Comments

It doesn’t, unless you’re a big man. A whole lot better, anyway. It keeps you flexible, keeps blood flowing, keeps you hydrated, even keeps you in shape after all that pounding on the gym floor and sitting on a bar, and, in one short moment of “let’s pretend that this doesn’t mean anything to you and we can both get along just fine,” you are, without pause, a person again.

No problem. Your belly dance has the power to bring the whole thing to an end, of course.

The idea of going belly dancer and then finding it easy to move through a routine to the music is a fun one, and the dance itself is one of the few things that actually works on the human body—especially if you don’t have any muscle at all to speak of. When you do your belly dance, you find, for example, that you will not feel as tired, or even as exhausted, as you sometimes do before doing the routine right.

The Debke jumping lunge ~ Free belly dance classes online ...
But belly dancing is only the beginning for belly dancers. The goal is also to bring the physical body of the dancer to a more heightened level than before. In order to do that, however, belly dancers must learn, and, if all else fails, figure out, the “why” of the music.

And why, in fact, does the belly dancer have to know, to be able to understand, why you want your belly to move? And how can you, in turn, communicate the meaning of that dancing without feeling you have lost your mind? I’ll go into that in the next few installments, but first, let me show you an example.

First of all, let’s look at a few numbers.

Let’s say our number, with which we are having a dance, is a 4×4 and we are going to play it with a high note (one note). Now we have a problem. We have been learning about the relationship between chords, and we do know that there are five different kinds of chords, that all start off the same way. But how many of those chords are there in a 4×4? If we don’t know, then we have nothing to go on when we dance.

The more chords that we know, the more chances of understanding our music better. And, as you’ll see in the next few articles, the more chords you know, not only do you learn to work more easily among them, you also gain

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