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Does your belly dance help you get laid?

The body:

Can benefit from a dance-based fitness routine. Studies show that belly dancing increases body mass and physical strength. And as far as the rest of us, it shows you’re ready for anything.

You know what’s probably more attractive than a bunch of dudes in skimpy shirts and tight tank-tops with no body hair? Well, if you have long limbs and don’t have an hour to spare, sure, you could get some work out done— but what kind of workout?

Well, it turns out belly dance is basically just yoga. So, if you’re looking for some good-for-you fitness tricks, you might try one of the various belly-dance routines you could do. Here’s where to grab some, in no particular order.

What Do Belly Dances Do for Your Body?

For starters, belly dancing doesn’t just make you body positive. It actually boosts your body’s endurance, because it puts you in a state of fullness. It’s also a great way to lose weight, since muscles burn calories.

And belly dancing makes you more mobile—by encouraging your body to be fluid and flexible.

For instance, your upper arms should be in a relaxed position, your shoulder to be relaxed, and your upper back to be relaxed. Your hips should be straight, especially around your neck as you’re going down, and your spine should be straight. Your abs shouldn’t be bending at the waist to stay in that stretch—they should be relaxed and straight, with little or no tension.

This full-body flexibility will make belly dancing a great workout for your body as well as a great form of self-care.

Does Your Body Benefit From a Dance-Based Fitness Routine?
Belly dance for beginners! Over 100 video tutorials and 14 ...

You also know that belly dancing helps you stay more flexible. As mentioned in the introduction, belly dancing helps increase your core strength, and increases flexibility. So, it’s not a stretch to think that belly dancing could help you build flexibility, too.

If your flexibility is a problem in your daily life, belly dancing can be a way to improve it. Many fitness programs and routines use belly dancing as part of their training.

You would need to incorporate some of them if you’re trying to build flexibility. And if you have a lot of abdominal muscles, it would probably be a good idea to do a belly dance workout instead of

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