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November 6, 2020 0 Comments

Raks is another one of my favorite new cards to emerge as we move into the new cycle of M14. I’ll admit to having a personal grudge against the M14 card Raks, in part for the fact that a card that I personally liked was changed to such a huge degree. While Raks was certainly not a bad card, I felt it was too disruptive to the format, and at a time when we were not seeing a lot of big “burn” creatures left in the format, my personal feelings were that the card was a little too much like the new Deathrite Shaman. After the rewrites (which included not only the removal of Raks from the list, but the addition of the second form of Lightning Bolt, as well) I quickly embraced this reversion. Rakis was eventually removed from the list in favor of another card, which I’ll talk about next…

Lightning Bolt: Another change of this list’s core is the removal of Lightning Bolt. The reason I removed Lightning Bolt is because it really just doesn’t fit in with our philosophy of fast aggressive decks. It’s too slow, there isn’t a lot of upside in the card, and it can be an overly reactive card. So I have decided to bring it back in the form of another new card, Searing Spear.

Searing Spear: Like in previous years, I think that Searing Spear will be added as a creature to our mix. While they are not exactly the same – with only one creature type replacing the two – they both have their merits. Searing Spear is another big guy, but also has good stats on its own. It gets a bit bigger than Lightning Bolt does, so if we end up running with 5+ Searing Sprees, then the card is definitely worth considering. Searing Spoon is a little bit weaker, like in the 3-4 column, but it does a great job of chaining together Searing Sprees, allowing you to gain 4+ from the first one. Also, unlike Lightning Bolt, it can be converted to a blocker, and is a good example of a removal spell that can kill the big guy on the table.

Another card that I personally enjoyed playing on Searing Spear was Rags-to-Riggin. If you look at M14, you will likely notice that there’s more stuff with double strike in the list than you have ever seen. For example, Lightning Helix was an incredible card back in the day. Now

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