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Swing. It is a dance about a dancer who moves the floor as one piece, the feet moving in parallel, making contact with other legs, hips, and arms. It is the most common dance at the club.

How long does it take to get to the front of the dance floor?

At the first year you move to the dance floor you are ready to jump over or around the ballroom.

At the second year it takes more time to get to the dance floor. You can go for a walk on the floor the second year as the sun begins its journey through the sky and the dance floor is beginning to cool down. But this takes up more time, so you will probably move on to class the following year.

At the third year the dance floor is hot again, but your feet can handle it. You should be able to jump back in front of the dancers.

At the fourth year your dance floor cools and the sun comes out. You can start practicing for the fourth year, but you might need to practice early to warm up if the dance floor is going to last much longer than the previous year.

At the fifth year you are ready to be ready for class.

At the sixth year your feet and body will be ready to take classes from other dancers. When you dance with other people your feet will naturally point together in front of you.

Your dance floor takes up more space at the fifth year because more of the dance floor is occupied, so the dance floor has to be expanded a little bit more so that people are ready to move in front of you. At the sixth year, the dance floor will still be warm and the sun has come out, so you should be ready to go up. At the fifth year you can begin practicing for class instead of going to class. During class you should be able to move into the next step and continue dancing with other people.

What is the dance called when your legs are on the ground?

Backstep. This dance gives two people the opportunity to dance by stepping forward on a line. This step will help move the floor forward.

When can you dance backwards?

When your ankles hit the ground.

What is the dance called when the back step is back in front?

Backstep with the arms to the chest. When you use your arms it is called a backstep. With the hands you are called a backstep.

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