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“What’s the latest dance show?” he replies. “All you have to do is watch it. There’s been so much bad dance moves.”

Does this remind you of a movie?

“When you’re in a movie, you can’t change.”

And why?

“Because the movie is just the movie.”

What did you see yesterday?

“Last night?”

And why?

“Because I didn’t wear anything today … because I just wanted to be alone.”

Do you go to the movies or the theatre?

“It’s really about you, the movie.”

Would you ever move?

“This is where my heart is. I have two choices. I could be like a statue and just be standing here. I could go for 10 minutes and just sit on a bench somewhere and think about what I lost in life and how I will get it back.”

In the summer, when is your happiest?

“My parents’ wedding. It’s when I was five years old. My parents are divorced, so they have to move to another town. I lived with them for five years and we have two children. We are still together.”

What about when the weather is nice?

“The beach season in Brazil is the best time.”

What is your favourite song?

“I have the best friends.”

You have four best friends and now two more in your life?


And three more in the family?


Do you have a lot of friends who also have a career?

“Yeah. My parents’ family has four friends who work full-time.”

Are you sad when they move to Paris?

“My boyfriend is moving to Paris when we are all together,” says Okafor, who also has a young son of his own in his family. “At the new place we are going to after graduation, he is going to go to school. The next three years we will be moving with him.”

What did you like with your university career in America?

“The fact that you can work and have a lot of time to play with friends.”

How big do your boobs get now?

“About two-and-a-half feet.”
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What about your bum?

“My butt is huge, so

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