What is the meaning of belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Video Youtube

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It is a way of dancing or movement which may be used to demonstrate that one has found one’s way. The term belly dancer was first used in the 1970’s by Michael Bubbles, as a reference to himself at the age of 21. It is in fact Bubbles´s idea to explain what he refers to as “my first dance”.

Belly Dancers are able to reach incredible high speeds: it is speculated that some have reached speeds of up to 100 mph (160 km/h). Some claim that belly dancers are able to perform the dance in under 10 seconds, when most other forms of dancing can take over a minute. However, it is worth emphasising that this is merely a rough estimate. In reality, belly dancers, whether they are professional or hobbyist will often take even longer to perform a dance than 10 seconds.
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Dancing techniques often come down to individual styles, which may or may not vary, but tend to follow certain principles. This means that a dancer’s style may be a vital part of their self-presentation.

How are belly dancers paid?

Belly dances are often paid for out of pocket, while individual classes may be taken. There are also private classes for those who wish not to participate in public public classes.

What does a belly dancer do?

Belly dancers typically cover their nipples through their tops. This is known as the belly dancer’s “trim”. In addition, they will sometimes take their tops off for a specific purpose – for instance, if they want to be seen in public. Some of the more common activities are as follows…

Ladies’ classes

In a ladies’ class, belly dancers may perform the same dance or variations to a female group or guest, as long as the female member of the group has her tops on. It is generally agreed that most ladies’ classes are for those who are 18 years and above, with one in particular in South Africa currently taking place there!

Men’s classes

If it’s an interesting class, then a gentlemen’s class is available. In this class, the belly dancer may cover his or her tops from his or her shoulders with one of his or her biceps during a very short dance, similar to the belly dancer’s “trim”. Sometimes, instead of just holding a biceps, the belly dancer may use his or her arms or legs or even his or her elbows to do the “trim”.


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