What is the meaning of belly dancing? – Shakira El Masri

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The term is derived from the Latin. While some say it is dancing to the music that is played in the dancehall or church, many of the dancehall dancers use the term belly dance specifically as a term for women. And sometimes men use it in response to the women’s belly dance.

Belly dance is a type of female dancing and is an old expression among women to each other that is practiced in many churches and many countries outside Europe. For more in-depth information about belly dancing, see Wikipedia.

Also known as belly walk, belly dance, and belly flop, belly dance is a type of female dancing (often performed nude) that originated in Greece during the Middle Ages as a means of promoting women’s sexual independence. It was believed that the dance encouraged women to take pride and self-realization—a goal which was encouraged in the traditional Greek Orthodox church, the church of Athens.

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Michael Fassbender thinks he’s made his best career as an actor.

The British actor has played major roles around the world, from the tough, morally ambiguous Oscar-winning criminal mastermind in the French drama “Chateau Heart” to the tender, vulnerable man in the English drama “Winter’s Bone.” But after an extensive stay on the West coast as a part of “Lincoln,” he says he couldn’t get enough of Los Angeles. “I was going back there in a few months, and I decided I really wanted to do that movie,” explains Fassbender, 48, who’s the second-top-grossing actor at the American box office this year. And he’s right: He will return to his hometown next month as the titular, high-powered prosecutor in the British period drama, “The Imitation Game,” which is the only new movie he’ll be starring in this month, though he’ll probably stay busy making television shorts. Fassbender also just wrapped a guest spot as the title character in Paramount’s “Maze Runner” trilogy, and he is currently shooting the crime drama “The Imitation Game 2,” starring Benicio Del Toro as the titular Turing, the forerunner to John Wilkes Booth.

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