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There is at least one origin story that is as weird as it is fascinating. There is no specific rhyme or story that I’ve been able to find out, but all rappers seem to have one thing in common – their first attempt at rap.

“I was in a music store, I was sitting down to read a book,” MC Serch recalled during an interview with HipHopDX earlier this year. “I looked at the cover and saw the album covers that I liked. There were these old pictures of the artists and the guys looking as if they wanted to be the artists and I was like, ‘Damn, that’s real.’ When I heard the album, that was the first time I really listened to it on that track. I was like, it’s real because that wasn’t on the album. The next thing, I heard these guys talking about, ‘What’s with the hood? Why do they do this?’ And then I met the guys, and those are the ones that created our movement.

The first rap records that were created were really the work of MCs that worked in the music scene, who came up in the community because of what the music was like back then. The earliest hip hop artists were all black, which definitely influenced the way many of us look like today.

“Some of the earliest rap music that I think I heard or listened to before was actually at that exact time and place – when there was a neighborhood and a record store that had no respect for how music was being consumed. It was just the way the record store was. There was no money going into the store, so those people created a whole new way of being hip hop that had absolutely nothing to do with the original style. It was all really new and different.

“That’s how the music would go.”
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