Who created hip hop? – Professional Belly Dancers

August 16, 2020 0 Comments

[00:31:18]SAY: Ghost/Uncle Bourbon : if you use this

[00:31:17]SAY: Doesn’t-Pay-The-Bills/Nivuahhh : What are you doing?

[00:31:18]SAY: Karyn Summy/SammVitch : Augh

[00:31:20]SAY: Ghost/Artsauce : I hate robots

[00:31:20]EMOTE: SgtLion/(Madyson Vader) : Madyson Vader (as Madyson Vader) gasps!

[00:31:20]EMOTE: *no key*/(monkey (686)) : The monkey (686) waves her tail.

[00:31:21]SAY: mouse/ : Squeek?

[00:31:22]SAY: Ghost/Artsauce : Oh

[00:31:22]SAY: Karyn Summy/SammVitch : What do you wanna do?

[00:31:22]SAY: Marcel Marceau/Legality : Hello?

[00:31:23]SAY: Doesn’t-Pay-The-Bills/Nivuahhh : Wew

[00:31:24]SAY: Ghost/Artsauce : We can go

[00:31:26]ACCESS: Logout: *no key*/(Derek Westbrook)

[00:31:26]ACCESS: Login: DefeatedDerek/(Maurice Tator) from -censored(ip/cid)- || BYOND v510

[00:31:27]ACCESS: Logout: Bgobandit[DC]/(Bgobandit)

[00:31:27]SAY: Doesn’t-Pay-The-Bills/Nivuahhh : Do you want me to fight?

[00:31:27]SAY: Ghost/Croatar : I’ve got a hard and fast rule about this.

[00:31:28]SAY: Marcel Marceau/Legality : I will do what you say

[00:31:30]SAY: Doesn’t-Pay-The-Bills/Nivuahhh : Y


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