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What was the sound and style of hip hop?

The sound and style of rap started off in Detroit and Chicago. Before that people like the Detroit and New Jersey types. Most of the musicians and hip hop heads I know were from that area. I guess the Detroit hip hop scene went on to influence and shape what all the rap music was made after that.

Do you think you were a rapper when you were young?

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I guess I was. I did some solo shit when I was a teenager before I got into hip hop. That’s what helped me get into the music. I remember some people on school saying “Hey man they got some dope music!” but when they got to listen to it they would tell the people to never play it because it was way too dope. They would tell me to look into it. I was like, if they were doing this for money to get me to listen to it then I was the next thing. The music I think was the best I ever heard was probably the Biz Markie record. That’s how I got hooked.

How did you get involved with the “Murda” album?

I was in a group called the Gangsta Gals and they were getting into more rap things like gangsta rap and stuff like that. I ended up with this record by Big Lazy called “Danger.” I was in the group in Detroit, Detroit City, as an individual. I’d been doing a lot of solo stuff. My friends in the gangsta Gals were doing this thing called Big Lazy Records. They put out Big Lazy Records’ album of a record called the Lazy Life album. They were giving me a chance to make this record. We were doing stuff. Big Lazy brought me back into the gangsta Gals. I was in the group.

How did Big Lazy Records come about?

Big Lazy Records was started by my brother in a basement in Detroit. He started out in the late ’80s. He was around in a big way in gangsta style music in the Detroit area by the ’80s.

Who helped you with this record?

The record was done by Lazy Lacy [Pascoe], a young black female musician. Big Lazy asked us if we wanted to do records. They had a lot of money from record sales and so, people started asking us to do records. We

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