Did flappers have jobs? – 1920 Flapper Dresses With Sleeves

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I believe they didn’t. They were basically a part time job. The only time women had a job was during an outbreak or some other emergency so people didn’t have much chance of getting pregnant.

I saw that they were working, they were doing something – but then suddenly they quit.

“There should be no jobs for people who don’t need them – not because you don’t work hard, but because you are lazy.”

One in two married women aged 32 and over was on a paid working holiday during 2013 – up from one in three in 2004, according to the Office for National Statistics. But it’s hard for any young woman to believe that the rise in women taking time off work was about any kind of equality, when it is clear that the most common reason was that the career prospects were bad.

The government says the best thing a young woman could be doing is getting a degree, working in a caring role, studying childcare, or training a younger sibling. But the evidence suggests these are all pretty poor alternatives to getting a real job. Women with a degree can choose to stay at home, earn a living wage or even stay in work. The reality is that there is no great economic advantage to having an education degree.

“The reason they don’t go to university is just because they don’t think there is any great economic benefit to it,” argues Lola. “There is the problem when young women are encouraged to go to university … so they get a diploma but don’t do a job.”

So what is going on? The first clue is that the government is putting education, childcare and training on the same basis. This will have long-term benefits – after all, women who are in charge of a business have more freedom than women in care services. But as Professor Richard Layard points out – and most academics agree – the whole system is highly biased in favour of young, non-professional women.

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“You have to ask: is it a good policy to encourage children, particularly from low-income backgrounds, to get tertiary education?” he says. “The argument for higher education is that you become an educated person and you become a better person. But what if a young woman wants a job and she goes to university or the post-school system but has been trained to a degree or a degree and doesn’t know if it will make a difference?” If you are not in a post-school, paid position, a college or university you are

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