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I knew flapping was more than what we thought,” she says.

When this woman was in school, she studied art and design. She had been part of the creative team at a university art centre.

She was working as a freelance market researcher, which is similar to how some of the women I met had been before being on the frontline of the war.

“They had just left their jobs and were just going through an unemployment process,” says Della Fave.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest The women gathered together on August 7, 1942. This is the point at which the first aircraft arrived back in Ireland

She says they thought they were doing the right thing back home.

“My husband was not a Nazi, and we were not Nazi supporters,” she says, adding she had supported the Allies in the war, and had seen her family come under fire.

When the first aircraft from the US arrived on the ground in Ireland at Cappagh, Della recalls that they were “thundering” with laughter.

“They were so happy to be there and were happy to show us around. I think that was a really good reaction.”

She added that people “wanted to see them”.

On August 7, 1942, the women of Cappagh formed a unit called the Dublin Aviation Workers’ Aid Society. They met in a café called The Café at the Cappagh Railway Station where volunteers with Irish nationality were collecting money for the war.

Della remembers one of their first meetings in a small meeting room, “and that changed my very world”.

“That was the start of the Ireland we know today,” she says. “It was the beginning of Ireland being a country, and what we are now, and what we will be.”

While it may be surprising to some historians to hear how many war-related events took place in the Republic, it is only one part of its story, says Dr Eamonn Brennan of the Irish History Research Institute.

She says it is important to remember the men and women who volunteered in war, but what is much more important to note is how the war came to be.

“The first war, we need to get away from the military aspect of the war. Because what happened in the first war was that the people with a desire to fight were trying to make Ireland safe for the Irish people to fight against the Nazis.

“So they saw themselves

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