Did flappers wear long gloves? – 1920 Vintage Flapper Dress

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Well, some women, women who were not as “flappable” as the other kind of flappers did, wore long gloves.

Flapper (aka: Bikini) Women in the 1940’s

Source: Wikipedia “Flapper” is not a proper noun, but does describe what we may call the “fancy-dress” women.

They were not the dress-wearing kind, but the ones that would wear a bit of a “dress” on certain occasions.

Why Do Flappers Dress, and Why Are They Called Flappers?

I remember growing up in Canada, there was a girl I lived with who always dressed in a “flopping”, but in a good way. I always found her beautiful and beautiful…

“But… why do ladies wear this all day long?”

Because of course they do. In today’s society, it’s considered a very classy, and very elegant thing to wear “flopping” all day long. If it looks good on you, you can’t help it. But hey, that’s not me in a nutshell, and I don’t claim to know everything.

For me, I love to wear it when I have a day off from school, because it makes me feel very glamorous.

But I can definitely see why some people feel the need to cover their hair up while they are flappering. In my opinion, they look “crappy” and less “polished” in the process.

Source: Wikipedia In Canada, flappers tended to wear their hair up and in the “flopping” shape, which was very different from today’s flappily-coiffed lady. In my opinion, that would be rude of these ladies and they probably would have been very offended if they found themselves in my company.

Did Flappers Change Over the Years?
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It has been said that flappers were first introduced to Canada in the 1940’s, but the flappers in America didn’t start popping up until the 1970’s. They didn’t appear much in the United States until the 1980’s.

If you look at the picture of flapper women wearing their hair up, you will see that they were more stylish then, in my opinion.

So what happened?

Fancy-dress women started wearing their head-to-toe “flopping” dresses in the 40’s and flapper women got into the fancy-dress

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