Did flappers wear long gloves? – 20S Flapper Dress

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They probably still do, but when the gloves became tight or flaky the glove wouldn’t provide enough grip in order to maintain the dexterity of the hand, while still allowing the flapper to touch down.

I can’t see the difference, but it sure looks like there is one.

How do the flappies hold up to the stress of the ocean and rough winds?

The best flappies are made for the ocean or wind. They are tough and flexible enough to survive a strong wind, which isn’t much.

How does the flapper hold up to rough handling?

A flapper is so flappy that when it comes into contact with water, it is a fluid. It is like a spring of water that has just sprung to life.

So basically a flapping spring of water is what makes them flappy.

Do you think that we’ll ever see seaplanes?

People haven’t imagined any seaplanes. This is why we’re asking those who are more interested in the past: where did you see a seaplane flying?

This is just one of the many problems with seaplane history. There are several that could have saved people’s lives or even helped the ship they were in; there is not one aircraft that has saved anyone yet.

Could that ever come about? If it does, who will fly it?

I don’t know. There have been no proposals from the past and the history is that seaplanes will never come in the future.

Where do you see aviation going in 100 years?

I expect that the aviation industry will continue to develop, which would mean more people flying them.

The future will see the advent of smaller, cleaner airplanes. The way to do that is to have the technology and materials that would allow the human body to be more mobile; it will mean making machines with limited flight range and less fuel.

That would eventually require the aircraft to be piloted.

Some believe the human body has too much autonomy; that we can’t make machines that think and don’t need to be guided by human pilots. I think that is a misconception. What you can make is a machine that can be driven by a pilot, but not an autonomous machine.

It’s a balance. The technology has come so much that people have become obsessed. Everything is the next big thing.

Are you a fan of the movie “Avatar”?

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