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And did flappers wear wigs?”

She continued, “I wanted to say ‘What the fuck do you think you’ve just come back from? What the fuck are you doing in here? I could have picked up a girl from the mall and told her to get out of there.'”

According to Kline, she and her husband had left the motel around the same time. But they were still in the city to check into their new home, which was a three-hour drive from the motel. As they drove off the motel, Kline’s car started to slip while turning northbound on Route 1. The car skidded and Kline got off the road.

“My husband saw me struggling against him. He gave me his fist and told me ‘Get your damn hands clear away from my car. Get your fuckin’ hands of that car.’ I did what he told me to do,” Kline said. “When they told me he shot me he told me ‘I just did it. I didn’t do it out of malice. I just did it to let you know you can’t touch me.’ He had a gun in his hand.”

When asked why she had a gun, Kline said, “Like I said, I was scared. I told him he would see the gun and shoot me. He got the gun and pulled the trigger and blew me over.” Her husband called 9-1-1.

“I started bleeding. My baby was crying for hours,” Kline said. “I had the blood in my eyes and on my hands and my body. That’s all I got from him…That’s all I wanted.”

Kline’s injuries were so severe; she couldn’t walk, and her husband was afraid of hurting her. However, as the days passed, Kline told police that she did not want to press charges because she didn’t want her family to have to deal with the pain of the accident. She wanted to find out who shot and killed her husband. She believed they were friends, not strangers.

“I have never been in a situation where I have been in a place and someone has shot someone else and gotten away with it and killed that person,” she said. “That didn’t happen to me. That doesn’t happen to anybody. It’s the worst, most horrible, horrible thing that’s ever happened to me and the person that used the gun to shoot me.”
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After a week had passed

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