Did flappers wear tights? – Sparkly Flapper Skirt

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Nope. It depends if you like flappers and women in tights (or not: the latter is always the choice). For today’s look, we’re using our favorite red and white striped tee! To keep things casual, I wore the tee with my slacks, a tee under my dress shirt, and a button down collar shirt with the red ribbon tucked into the collar. For my jacket, I wore the coat over the black topcoat that is my favorite combination. The two-pocket bomber vest that I wore with it was super simple and cute, with one hole for the lighter pieces of my makeup.

How to wear your summer flapper dresses

Flappers look great with short sleeves! However, when to wear them is as complicated as wearing a swimmer’s dress with shorts. The most basic rule (and the one I follow) is to wear flapper dresses with at least two pockets. The reason? Your neck is most at risk of chafing if you wear longer sleeves than necessary. For this look, I opted for two pockets in each sleeve. The pockets in each sleeve give you room for either jewelry or a watch (or both!), and are also the main points that allow you to wear your flapper dress to work or school. In fact, when I had a great experience with Giorgio Armani and was looking for great dress shopping advice, I turned to the Armani blog and asked whether a simple summer dress was appropriate for work wear. The answer to that was no! The Armani designers were very clear that an appropriately fitted dress or coat was the appropriate dress to wear in the workplace. But my advice? If you are going to wear a flapper dress, you need the proper pockets. It’s the exact same rule that is applied to beach wear or a beach bag. The only time that this rule falls apart is in long beach walks. The same holds true for a flapper in a summer dress. I’m so glad that I didn’t wear a beach skirt this summer, I was lucky to walk with no chafing. The rest of my outfit was simple and relaxed. For my hair, I used a loose bun, my hair was styled into the classic short side ponytail, and my eyes were worn with a dark colored eye shadow.

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How to keep your summer flapper dresses stylish

As you may have noticed in the photos, my flapper dress did not come off my neck or sleeves; this isn’t

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