Did they wear tights in the 1920s? – 1920 Gatsby Flapper Dresses

October 9, 2020 0 Comments

No, although there is more to look at, but just let me say two things:

The first, it is pretty easy to see the tights in 1920’s attire as being worn by the middle class and upper echelons of society. For more on this, I highly suggest you read this blog.

The second, I see absolutely nothing. Why is that?

The other problem you would think that would exist, is that in terms of making a claim that something in life was “impure or wrong”…

Hmmmm, well this would be a fair, and probably valid, question. If anyone would like to provide more information, please do.

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The European Commission (EC) announced today that a new set of rules for the “frictionless movement” of goods between the EU and Switzerland will soon go into effect.

The rules are intended to bring an end to the most significant barrier facing the trade relationship between the EU and Switzerland at the end of 2013 and make travel easier and more convenient for EU and Switzerland consumers.

The move also comes after the EU agreed earlier this month to the introduction of a minimum VAT rate of 20% from January 1st 2013, meaning that Swiss products can not cost more than 25% more in Germany or Ireland or 30% more in the UK than in their home country.

In its report on the current regulatory framework for the “frictionless movement”, the EC said that there were two main areas of concern:

Exchanges and movements of goods between Switzerland and other Member States

Transport between Switzerland and third countries

The measures aim to reduce the costs incurred by goods being transported between the two countries, while at the same time bringing an end to the most significant barrier: customs duty. Switzerland currently has a customs duty of 4.50%, and will increase the duty on the following goods which will be subject to such a levy: goods containing dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt and yogurt powder as well as wine, beer and liquor, and alcoholic drinks

the price of goods such as foodstuffs and clothing.

The EC report goes on to say:

The Commission has established that, in 2012, the combined amount of goods which can be sent from the EU to Switzerland in the free movement areas amounted to some 1.8 billion euros or approximately 8.5 billion GBP in today’s prices. That number can be increased significantly due to the introduction of some

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