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Yeah, it was very long. This was back when most boys wore white tights. We also wore tights when it was a school dress code.


This is one of those dress codes where it is “You’re on your own.” It’s not like it’s really, for example, in the 1950s when girls, like, wore knee-high skirts.

I’m not really sure how the “one night stand” story got started, though. It did not start at the time. It started with someone on our staff at the time, and he made a video and showed it to the whole group, and they thought it was great. They wanted to make a video for their own personal use. We talked about it as long as the group, because we would go into the bedroom with their girlfriends and have a conversation, and they would have different outfits on and talk about things. But that was the first time I really saw them wear something that wasn’t, for lack of a better word, “normal.”

Was it really?

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It was kind of weird. In a normal-looking video, these guys were wearing something that was very low-cut. They were wearing the kind of shorts that are designed for athletic use. It’s not that athletic. It’s kind of low cut, but at the end of it, you’re wearing something that’s the opposite and it looks like they made it themselves. It’s like a very odd combination.

Was there ever a moment when the girls’ bodies started to come out to the side and it was like a full nudity scene?

My guess is no. My guess is that they just were naked with each other and they said, “Man, we’re naked.” It wasn’t until it started to become more of a scene and really, really, really, really sexual that people started thinking, “Oh yeah, this is happening. This is happening.” It was actually the night before when all of the guys took off their shirts after the girls. It was like a party. We went into these rooms, and we had a lot of fun. It was like our summer. You’d find the guys in their swimsuits, and the girls were in their underwear. It was so weird. And it was the last thing he ever planned. My guess is they all did it, like with the “man on the moon.” They didn’t have sex before.

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