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The name flappers comes from the way they rolled up their trousers – either sideways or diagonally, depending on whether they rolled them up high or low. In Europe, in Italy, flappers are known as bibiana di Bologna.

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Flappers are also known as the bocca fimbra.

What does the world know about flappers?

The world’s first woman flapper, Eliza Green who was born in 1574, is often thought to have been the first flapper.

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The first flapper in Paris was called the “Flappers of Paris” and women flappers were a common sight in public.

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The rise of the flappers became a part of French and English history in the late 19th Century when a number of flapper girls became famous.

What did the flapper have to say?

Flappers had a range of colourful voices – in fact, a woman flapper called Mary Martin went so far as to give a famous speech, “I believe in everything which is beautiful.”

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In many cases, these flapper dresses were very elaborate and often adorned with ruffles, lace, beading and other embellishments

What does the world know about women flappers?

The flapper was an English woman who made a name for herself by dressing in elaborate dresses. Her popularity increased during a period of Victorian society and she became an icon of the fashions of the day. Mary Martin (1774-1843) was born in a cottage at Clapton, Kent, to a poor family but took her fashion to the extremes of extravagance.

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She was well known for dancing and dressing to impress her friends, including the Prince of Wales, in their extravagant outfits – she was nicknamed flapper mamma.

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When it came time for Mary to give up her flapper life, she returned home, changed her name to Mary Bouch.

In the 19th Century, American women began the trend of wearing short dresses with ornate frills and boning and it spread to Europe.

Women’s styles of the time reflected how their society was changing.

“Women who chose these colourful dresses and long sleeves meant

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