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Flaps, it turns out, are a common way for French women to show affection in the early 20th-century, and “lippy,” the French term for a woman in bikinis, was originally a slang word for “a woman looking cute” or “a woman with an unviable figure.”

Flaps went on popular culture in the 1950s, and flapper fashion became so popular that in 1968 the government adopted a uniform to represent women wearing them. The first flapper made the cover of GQ in 1977; the original edition went into an underground printing shop at the Paris Opera House for two years, where it became a phenomenon.

In March, the University of Illinois is moving toward a more transparent admissions process for undergraduate admissions. However, in August, the Champaign-Urbana chancellor announced plans to institute an “affirmative action” policy for admissions for a new class of undergrads.

This past fall, the University held a forum featuring leaders in student organizing and in other community organizations to hear feedback on a list of “guidance items” to be included in a potential implementation plan.

Last month, the Illinois Faculty Senate adopted two related articles: A resolution in favor of an “affirmative action” policy (PDF), and an opinion (PDF) opposing it.

The University is currently in the process of deciding whether to go with an admissions policy that gives a preference in admissions based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and national origin or whether to institute a policy that gives a preference based on ability based on educational attainment. The University is expected to issue a policy soon.

The campus already has affirmative action programs in place: it’s an integral part of its community experience. For instance, the undergraduate admissions process includes a separate application of essays addressing a particular aspect of a student’s academic performance, as well as a separate application of writing samples addressing a particular aspect of a student’s community involvement and engagement, as well as a separate application of transcripts addressing particular elements of a student’s academic record.

In addition, the Faculty Senate created a Committee on Diversity of Student Groups to develop an academic and institutional plan for enhancing the campus’ commitment to student-centered diversity through recruitment, recruitment and placement strategies.

“We want the University of Illinois to be a place that welcomes and educates diverse students,” said Provost Scott Satterfield. “The idea that undergrads are considered better off having certain types of parents

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