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Where did they hide their bodies? How did they live as women? It turned out that the answer to that was simple. These girls, their bodies and sexuality, were a natural part of their bodies. As long as they carried that which made them girls, there was no need to hide. Flappers were born this way.

These are the three most important truths I learned in my time learning how to be a flapper. Each was true in their own way but the lessons they taught me was incredibly powerful.

I will never forget the day I met an older flapper who took me out to dinner and we ate together. At the end of the meal she called me and made sure I understood that I should not ask her out or flirt with her. I had to respect her boundaries and not make things up as I went along.

She was right. In order to be treated as a woman she needed to be respected as a woman. She needed to hide her body and dress herself according to how an alpha Flapper dressed.

I have always been drawn to women who hide their bodies. My favorite example is the French flapper Marie-Laure FĂ©raud who dresses a little more conservative and looks more like a woman. The fact that women like this are still so revered, and still looked upon with reverence, is a testament to our society’s sexism.

Flappers learned how to hide their bodies in the same fashion as most women do. It’s a simple fact of modern existence. We are expected to be perfect at every aspect of our lives. We are expected to be a perfect product. Yet, in the past people of the world have always been very willing to embrace flappers for who they are. It truly is a sign of a beautiful society. As the generations who came before us slowly began taking away our bodies and freedoms, flappers were able to take back their own freedoms and have fun with them.

You Are Not Alone

No matter what your age you can always be part of the culture that makes our culture so great. Flappers made so much of their name because women like them had a lot of fun being themselves. They were not afraid of their bodies and showed that they were strong and beautiful with all that they had to offer. I will always love their flappers.

They said: It is not too late to join.

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