How did flappers wear their hair? – Red Flapper Dresses

November 7, 2020 0 Comments

By the time I was seven-and-a-half, the men who had been my heroes in the ballet, the men who had taught me what flappers were like, the men who knew the power of these songs, the men who had helped bring them to America. It was like I’d gotten stuck in a time warp and I had to find my way back.

It took awhile. But eventually I started getting my hair braided again and I started practicing. It happened slowly, slowly. And I thought I knew what it meant to be a female artist who took my work seriously enough to be able to call herself a flapper. In my mind, a flapper wasn’t just a guy who took off some of his hair. She was a girl who wore her hair like a skirt. She was a girl who was self-conscious about her hair. She was a girl who believed that her hair made her look more sophisticated. And she wore it with pride. She never let that hair out of her sight. She never made any allowance for the fact that it was part of who she was. And she always felt a little shame about it—a bit of a shame, to be honest. But when these flappers came to New York (or any other city, really) they wanted to be photographed like them, not like their husbands, husbands they’d never met. And they wanted to be seen as women in the way that their husbands were. And so they made all these costumes and pictures and tried to show an entirely different image of themselves, one that was more feminine. In short, a flapper made one hell of a flapper. Now, all the while, what I was doing as a student was helping other talented female flappers make a career out of their art.

Ride A Unicorn Costume
Why is it important to you to be seen as a flapper?

I think it’s important because that’s what women were and what flappers were. Flappers were girls who were always in their hair. They were always looking in directions other than where they were. And that’s an important thing—something that doesn’t get much attention.

I think it’s also important because, in the days when New York was still a big city and if you weren’t a flapper it wouldn’t pay to be in New York; you couldn’t afford the kind of clothes that were on the street. If you weren’t getting on the New York Times, if you weren’t taking the fancy parties that

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