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Where’d they get the hair from, and how did they get it trimmed? The stories are the same, but the method has changed. Flappers have long had a love of fashion, and their hair styles are just as likely to be inspired by Paris- and Paris-ness as they are to have been inspired by their own personal style, but it can be hard to be sure.

There are also some interesting facts: at the time of the flapper invasion in the US, hair was mostly black, though there are a few examples of fair haired women in the US during the 1930s, and there still have a little amount of white women in the fashion industry.

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of these amazing hairstyles, here are some of the best flapper style tips from around the web. Enjoy.

Lionel-Faye de la Carriere’s hairstyles are really pretty cute and a must-have if you’re a flapper at heart.

One of the few places where you can find very flattering short hairstyles, but also a good idea is the

A very popular look when I was new to the art, this looks like a cross between a wop-style and a bob hairstyle. It’s a nice way to introduce some more variety in your look, and works well for those on the straight side.

This look was one of the most popular flapper style of all time for quite a long time! Check out this post and style book post about how to do it.

Check out this stylebook post and then see if any of the photos work for you.

The idea is that the ends turn out flat, which is great because the ends can be styled to any length.

My favorites are the one in the picture above and the one of my daughter below who wears a very long, high cut.

I have never used a pompadour and this looks great with a short hair style (like the example above). I use 2 layers of a flat mullet (or a thick, flat bob, for that matter!), and I always put the hair on top of the pomp and the hair up in a bun.

The best flapper hairstyle to make is a full-up bouffant!

Lara Stone’s hair is not a single style but a series of layers that look very similar to the famous flapper styles.

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