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Was she more a ‘female role model’, a role model for both men and women to aspire to or did she simply promote herself? Did her sexual revolution make her the “new woman of your dreams”, as women had dreamed of a long time? Did, in fact, flappers have a long-standing reputation for being sex symbols? Were they just part of the image they projected as a generation, more than a new gender?

The women of flappers had been a controversial figure for almost two millennia; and there are few modern feminists who don’t find much to be unhappy about with them. In that respect (as elsewhere), they have been rather left out.

Flappers – their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture, their culture!

In the 18th century – or maybe earlier – flappers played an important role in the economy, representing a huge variety of professions.

The “dressing-up dressmaker” who made and sold clothes of all sorts and patterns to the public; the “dressing-up” woman who danced on stage; the “dressing-up” woman who stood before the king.

And many of these flappers had also been involved in sex work, both prostitution and lap dancing as well as selling their wares to the public in a range of clothing.

This was a very varied and complex cultural identity with multiple facets, including a long life in the public eye where women would be called upon to act their parts. It was a cultural role much different from women today who have an interest in social justice, and want to change the way women are treated.

In particular, when it came to female sexuality, they were not allowed to look their age. You couldn’t have a woman over 80, which led to a very different culture and lifestyle. I have long been aware of the role of this Victorian sexual mores, but until I got to this book, I’d never been aware of how they had such an influence on the men who were flappers.

In the first part of the book, I discuss a little of the historical background of their cultural role and influence. I then move to the 18th century and discuss some of their historical development. And finally I look behind the curtain at their present state to consider where they are now and why.

As a writer for the first time since I started in the mid-80

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